Voltage optimisation minimises energy costs

LPP’s Voltage Optimisation framework agreement provides a comprehensive and OJEU-compliant solution to tackling common power quality problems. Open to all public sector organisations, awarding contracts for voltage optimisation equipment helps minimise energy costs.

Voltage optimisation minimises energy costs

All suppliers on the framework have a proven track record of delivering voltage optimisation ideally within a large hospital environment, or other similarly complex government related environments. Primarily, voltage optimisation equipment supports trusts to deliver savings through the reduction of energy consumption and waste. It also reduces over-voltage – over-voltage leads to a reduction in the life of equipment, and increases energy consumption.

In addition, voltage equipment:

• decreases phase voltage imbalance which often causes heating in wiring and motors leading to wasteful energy consumption
• minimises transients (very brief but large and potentially destructive increases in voltage) which are the basis for data loss, equipment degradation and shortened life
• cuts harmonics which can damage sensitive electronic equipment and reduction in the efficiency of an HV transformer.

Suppliers on the framework are required to complete a full site audit to agree the measurement and verification plan before commencement of the contract, provide project management throughout the installation and maintain the equipment throughout its lifecycle. In addition, organisations can select from a variety of funding models which meet their ROI requirements and take account of available capital funds.

How Berkshire Healthcare has benefitted from the Voltage Optimisation framework

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provides specialist mental health and community health services to a population of around 900,000 across the whole of Berkshire. It has five community hospitals in the county, and – following a mini competition in which PowerPerfector was successful – the St. Mark’s Hospital and Wokingham Community Hospital sites now have the capacity to check and change voltage from anywhere in the world. Their output voltage can now be adjusted online, on an iPad or through the unit’s user interface, providing a user friendly reporting functionality.

The trust selected powerPerfector Plus units for its sites, as the energy management team sought to ensure maximum efficiency 24/7.

The functionality of the powerPerfector Plus Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) unit delivers dynamic voltage optimisation in addition to standard power conditioning, and also delivers a ‘Buck and Boost’ capability.

Paul Harrison, Sustainability Manager Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust says, “We chose to install VPO® technology on the St. Marks and Wokingham Hospital sites because they both provide a wide range of healthcare services from a variety of buildings which have many different systems and electrical equipment.

“So to have one piece of energy efficiency technology that would enable site-wide savings in electrical consumption was an ideal solution and very much met the Trust’s strategic energy objectives and sustainability agenda.”

Annual savings:

KWh: 122,836
CO2kg: 66,946
£: 12,529
ROI: 29%

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