Spotlight: NHS LPP dedicated Business Intelligence team

The NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) has a dedicated business intelligence team generating insights for NHS trusts. With a focus on the patients’ needs the team is using cloud based technology and quantitative analysis to service 44 member trusts with a range of business intelligence products.

Speaking to Levente Fazekas, Associate Director, Business Intelligence, he details how NHS LPP is leading in analysis to assist trusts in delivering better outcomes for patients.

What value does the London Procurement Partnership Business Intelligence (LPPBI) team bring?

The Business Intelligence team works across all of NHS LPP frameworks to further add value to its members by offering cloud based reports and bespoke analytics. Whether it’s within pharmacy, workforce, or estates, LPPBI turn data into useful insights.

Ultimately, we ensure our clients have the data and analysis they need to make strategic business decisions that will benefit patients. The fact that as a business we focus on NHS procurement also means that we appreciate the nuances of this particular area within the market.

How do you ensure the patient is at the forefront of business?

For example, some trusts may want more insight into outgoing costs, or a report focusing on sustainability and transformation plans (STP). The LPPBI team can carry out an analysis on the data and present the findings in a user friendly way in the form of reports, charts and tables, so that our clients are able to deliver best outcomes for patients.  

How are LPPBI leading in their field?

Here in the NHS LPPBI team, we have access to a wide range of data from various sources;

  •  Accounts payable and purchase order (PO) data from trusts
  • Market data from suppliers such as temporary staffing agencies
  • Publicly available data such as datasets coming from NHS Digital or the government
  • Management information data

We are unique in that we not only offer analysis purely based on PO data but also publish well categorised invoice data. This service enables our members to instantly get an idea of how much they currently spend and where it is going. Moreover, with our access to this vast amount of data, we are able to create drill down reports focusing on business targets, objectives and sustainability. We offer a personalised service, to suit your business objectives.

How does producing innovative technology for the NHS compare to private business?

We are extremely competitive in the market, through our analytical platforms we’re assisting trusts with wide visibility, like through our sustainability and transformation plans. Through our STP reports we’re enabling our NHS members to work towards shared goals and plan for the future on a collaborative platform. We’ve created a number of these tools to support the NHS not having to give its data to external providers, only to eventually buy it back again. As a member, our trusts receive quality data insights included in their annual membership fee.

We’re proud that we are using industry leading analytical packs and products within NHS LPP. The ability to assist trusts to achieve their goals is something that really matters to us. Being part of the same wider organisation as our clients means that we understand the challenges they face and work towards the same vision ‘delivering real outcomes to the NHS and its patients’.

To find out how NHS LPP can assist your organisation with business intelligence please contact 020 7188 6680

20-05-19    Technology

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