Spotlight: Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System

At NHS LPP we make our frameworks simple and effective ensuring key decision makers avoid having to spend time and resource running a full procurement process themselves. We speak to Michele McCann, Associate Director of Estates, Facilities and Professional Services, on the Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System and how NHS LPP can support you and your trust as a true commercial partner.

Spotlight: Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System

How is NHS LPP helping apprenticeships?

With the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy in place organisations face a choice between ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’ when it comes to enrolling apprentices. Public sector organisations such as NHS Trusts need a compliant route to procure apprenticeship training providers. In response to this we offer access to apprenticeship training providers via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

To date 157 contracts have been awarded to 54 training providers across 21 apprenticeship categories through the DPS. This is a great achievement and speaks volumes to the service. The big advantage for organisations is that the DPS is flexible, so we can add new categories at any point in time to meet growing requirements.

 What is the feedback on the DPS?

 “Since our first contract went live, we have had five apprentices start with a new provider awarded off the DPS, and as word is spreading about the apprenticeships they provide and the work they do with each apprentice, we are on our way to tripling that figure”. –NELFT

It’s great that organisations like NELFT have been able to use the Apprenticeship Levy, not only to place apprentices but also train and upskill existing staff within key areas of the business. Organisations are seeing the value and talent an apprentice brings and are coming back for more contracts as the DPS is not only compliant but offers quick turnarounds and is easy to follow. 

 Why is it important to go through a DPS?

Compliance is a major factor, we are providing an effective and EU-compliant route to the market, using a process that is significantly simpler, quicker, and less resource-intensive than an organisation having to run a full EU-compliant procurement exercise from scratch.

Running an open procedure through OJEU requires a 30 day tender period, whereas, running this through the LPP DPS can take roughly 10 days, really showing the value of the DPS. 

What has been a key driver for you working within this DPS?

Apprenticeships is a growth area, and with the difficulties surrounding staff shortages this is an integral part of building up the workforce. Organisations don’t have a choice to opt out of the apprenticeship levy, if their levy funds aren’t used then they lose them altogether so it has been great to play a part in helping organisations build resource pipelines in a cost effective way.

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