NHS Procurement in Partnership National Clinical Staffing Framework extension

The NHS Procurement in Partnership (formerly Collaborative Procurement Partnership) National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement will be extended from 7th August 2019 until 7th August 2020. This extension will enable NHS Procurement in Partnership in collaboration with Crown Commercial Service, to put in place a new national Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework, under the newly formed Workforce Alliance.

Customers and existing suppliers can still utilise the existing Clinical Staffing Framework for their Nursing, Medical Locum, Allied Health Professionals, and Health Science Staff, until the new framework is put in place upon the conclusion of the procurement process.

During this time, the framework remains closed to suppliers who have not already been awarded onto the framework

The NHS London Procurement in Partnership (NHS LPP) will be notifying suppliers who currently hold a place on the framework to advise them of this extension.



1.     When and how can I apply to get onto the new framework?

Prospective bidders are advised to regularly review OJEU opportunities and to register on the ProContract Due North suppliers’ portal to access further information. A Prior Information Notice (PIN) ref  2019/S 120-294041 has been released, but the final OJEU advert which starts the bidding process will be issued in due course. To be awarded a place on the new framework, you will need to be successful in the tendering process. Instructions on how to tender will be included in the tender pack of documents released when the OJEU advert goes live.

2.    My company is not currently on the framework, can it join the remaining year’s extension?

Unfortunately, no new suppliers will be considered until the new procurement process is underway

3.    Will anything change as a result of the extension?

Other than exisitng supplier being required to complete and return an extension confirmation form, the framework will operate in the same way as it does presently.

4.   Our company has new subsidiaries/sister companies/daughter companies since the last extension – can we provide staff under these entities via the new extension? 

Only companies currently listed as framework members may provide under the agreement.

5.    We can now provide other types of staff than those we originally tendered for, are we able to do this under the extension? 

Suppliers may provide only under the Lots which they originally bid for, and were successfully awarded during the original tendering process.

6. Who do I contact for any other information?

All queries should be submitted through the ProContract Due North portal.







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