NHS LPP Consultancy Delivering Real Value For You

As a new capability for NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP), the NHS LPP Consultancy will be providing bespoke consultancy advice to deliver real value for you.

The Consultancy Director leading this new team is Justin Voyle, bringing with him a wealth of consulting and industry experience at senior levels, along with over 20 years of procurement and business leadership experience across both public and private sectors. We sat down to interview Justin, to learn more about his role and this new service offered.


1. What will NHS LPP Consultancy bring?

NHS LPP Consultancy will bring engagements, focussed on procurement-related change, transformation, and business support. For example, trusts may want bespoke procurement support, or a strategy piece, we can lead on this along with mapping the associated benefits and gain. 

2.  Why do you think having a consulting service is paramount to the future of procurement?

NHS LPP is moving away from a transactional framework model and heading towards providing strategic advice. This consultancy arm of NHS LPP enables us to collaborate and ensure our members are getting the best advice and services at the best price for the benefit of the entire NHS.

3. How does NHS LPP Consultancy compare to the private sector?

We’re a part of the NHS family meaning we understand the challenges our members face and act in the best interest for patients. Our rate card is significantly lower than the private sector and we provide complete transparency.

4.  How do you plan to understand your customers and work collaboratively?

NHS LPP Consulting aims to apply proven consulting-led solutions to address pressures and solve complex business problems.  Understanding our customers and working truly collaboratively is central to our approach.  By becoming the chosen consulting partner of choice we aim to foster long-term relationships with our members by delivering sustainable outcomes. NHS LPP Consulting does not simply deliver and walk away, we participate in the sharing of knowledge and best practice at all times and work with complete transparency.

5. How do we charge for the consultancy service?

LPP Consulting will be a paid-for service.  We have benchmarked our rates and they are significantly below the rates of the private sector.  We are able to achieve this by not imposing private sector margins into our rates.  We aim to provide value for money for our consulting services and will structure packages of work to deliver real sustainable value.

6. With clients now demanding more services than organisations can traditionally deliver themselves, how will NHS LPP Consulting meet the clients growing needs? 

We’re agile in our approach.We will have an in-house dedicated team, along with accredite private consultants who can complete bespoke work for clients. Having this flexible and agile resource pool means we have accredited consultants who will understand the NHS ecosystem, along with having strong NHS health sector exposure.

7. The choice of a consultant is under a lot of growing scrutiny, how does NHS LPP Consulting stand out from the crowd?

Collaboration is key in the current procurement landscape. At the moment NHS LPP is leading within this field with expertise from a number of areas. It’s our ability to be agile, listen and collaborate that makes us different. We’re creating a new internal market for the NHS.

8. What NHS value do you identify with and why?

Integrity, as you have to be transparent and operate with integrity. You’re only as good as your last project and need to be true to the client.














26-09-19    Consultancy

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