New DPS Opportunity For Transport Services

New DPS launched for Transport Services

NHS London Procurement Partnership has launched an exciting initiative to replace the current Patient Transport Services Framework (LPP/2017/013). 

In response to feedback from our customers and changes in the market, we have launched a new Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) for the provision of None Emergency Transport and other Transport Services for the NHS and wider public sector.  This new DPS consists of categories, not covered by the current framework, benefitting both customers and suppliers.

The categories covered under this DPS are:

Category 1: Booking and Assessment Services,

Category 2: Core Patient Transport Services;

Category 3: Mental Health and Secure Transport Services;

Category 4: High Dependency Transport Services.

The DPS will not only have the patient and service users at the core, it also focuses more on sustainability, the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and the transition to electric vehicles as the country prepares to meet the Net Zero Carbon targets laid down by the Government.


What does this mean for customers and suppliers?

  • Contracts that have been awarded under the current framework will remain unchanged

  • Mini competitions that are currently in process will not be affected

  • Customers and existing suppliers can still utilise the current framework until the new DPS go-live date

  • When the DPS is live and open for applications, it will replace the current framework meaning no new competitions will be run under it.

Where can I get more information?

OJEU notice number for the None -Emergency Transport and Other Transport Services DPS: 2019/S 190-462175

What is a DPS?

It is to be run as a completely electronic process and should be set up using the restricted procedure and some other conditions (as set out in Regulation 34 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015)

The DPS is a two-stage process:

Stage One:

  • Suppliers complete a standard Supplier Selection Questionnaire (SQ)

  • All suppliers who meet and pass the exclusion and selection criteria within the SQ must be admitted to the DPS and/or the relevant categories within it.

  • Unsuccessful suppliers are provided with feedback in order to enable them to re-apply at a later date should they wish to do so.

Stage Two:

  • Approved users (buyers, or 'Contracting Authorities') award individual contracts through the DPS.

  • The buyer invites all potential providers on the DPS (or within a particular DPS category) to participate in a further competition to bid for a specific contract. Suppliers are not obliged to bid.

What are the benefits of a DPS?

  • The DPS can streamline procurement for both suppliers and authorities; suppliers don’t have to demonstrate suitability and capability every time they wish to compete for a public sector contract, and the award of individual tenders can be quicker than under some other procedures.

  • The DPS is more flexible in some respects than frameworks, particularly as suppliers may join it at any time during its period of validity, meaning that suppliers are not locked out for the duration as they are with traditional frameworks.

  • There is no limit to the number of categories a supplier can apply for but must meet the criteria for the categories to be admitted.

  • Unsuccessful suppliers can re-apply at a later date should they wish to do so. It remains open to new suppliers throughout the period of the agreement. This enables suppliers who may not be able to meet the selection criteria at the time a DPS is first established to review their processes, finances and capabilities and apply for acceptance onto the DPS at a later stage.

  • More information about DPSs can be found here:

19-10-19    Estates Facilities

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