Data reporting for the NHS by the NHS

Did you know, as a member of NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) you have access to quality data insights included in your annual membership fee?

At our recent members' conference,  our prominent keynote speakers reinforced our message of not giving NHS data to external providers, only to eventually buy it back again. NHS LPP is unique in that we not only offer analysis purely based on PO data but also publish fully cleansed and enriched invoice and supplier management information data. We have a number of reports and dashboards currently available, including;
·         Accounts payable and purchase order (PO) data
·         Market data from suppliers such as temporary staffing agencies
·         STP work plan reports
·         London-wide price benchmarking
·         Product switching opportunities

To find out how NHS LPP can assist your organisation with business intelligence please get in touch with our NHS LPP Business Intelligence team 



22-07-19    Consultancy

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