Flexible Resource Pools

The agreement is approved by NHS Improvement and NHS England - the first bank agreement to get such an endorsement

Benefits of the contract

Flexible Resource Pools, or Staff Banks, are pools or groups of workers managed flexibly and proactively to make the most efficient use of an organisation’s workforce.

The Workforce Alliance's Flexible Resource Pool commercial agreement gives access to services to help you flexibly manage your workplace, including the setting up of a new Staff Bank, or the complete outsourcing of your bank's management, to maximise shift fill rates in the most efficient way possible. 

Contract description

The customer chooses the staff groups covered by the bank, and within these any grade or specialty can be requested. The groups are:

  • Doctors, consultants, dentists and GP's
  • Allied health professionals, health science services and emergency services personnel
  • Nursing and midwifery personnel
  • Non-medical non-clinical
  • The agreement will focus on providing staff bank services to NHS contracting authorities but is open to all UK public sector bodies with staff bank needs.

This agreement supports wider NHS aspirations towards more sustainable models of staffing provision, with a wide number of suppliers and new expertise in innovative technology. It also includes support for customers on supply chain management, delivery to capped rates and reporting to NHS Improvement. It provides a dedicated service for the creation, implementation and delivery of an outsourced bank across all job categories. The new pricing model gives customers the ability to build a truly bespoke service - utilising only the elements they require. This is the first staff bank agreement to undertake worker compliance audits for staff employed by an outsourced bank.

If you have any additional questions, please email lppworkforcesupport@lpp.nhs.uk


Contract Overview
Start 15-07-19
End 02-07-21
Contract Type Framework (Call Off)
Accessible to All Public Sector
Authority Crown Commercial Service
OJEU Award Ref
Initial Period (Years) 2.00
Extensions remaining 1.00
LPP Contact Andrew Mumby
LPP Ref RM6158