NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement enables NHS organisations to source all Nursing, Doctors, Dental and other roles, including AHPs/HSS and any specialist roles.

Benefits of the contract

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership National Clinical Staffing Framework provides the NHS and public sector organisations with access to a wide range of temporary and permanent roles.

The framework provides access to a range of roles that are compliant with NHS Improvement pay and charge rate caps. All suppliers have been audited to ensure ability to comply with NHS pre-employment check standards.

In addition to this, CPP has a Framework in place for International Nursing Recruitment (please see the More Information section on the right hand side).

Contract description

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement:

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership's National Clinical Staffing framework provides access to temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of clinical roles, including: 

  • Medical and Dental Staff

  • Nursing and Midwifery

  • Other clinical staff, including Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Staff.

The Clinical Staffing framework has three lots:

Lot 1 - Employment Business – Under this lot agencies supply temporary workers and pay the worker.

Lot 2 - Employment Agency – Agencies supply either temporary or permanent workers to the trust, but the trust pays the worker, with the agency receiving a commission fee.

Lot 3 - Neutral Vendor - The supplier acts as a neutral party. They do not supply their own staff, but instead manage the supply chain.


A list of suppliers can be found in the 'supporting information' section on the right hand side of the page.