CCS Non Medical Non Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement

This Crown Commercial Service agreement was developed to manage and mitigate the legal and commercial risks associated with engaging temporary non-clinical staff, while utilising and reflecting Agenda for Change pay rates.

Benefits of the contract

  • A choice of pay rate - agreement based on the NHS Agenda for Change (AfC) pay rates and pay bands including provision for compliance with Agency Worker Regulations following 12 weeks of service.
  • A clear charge rate - straightforward rate card showing charge rates for both PAYE and limited company temporary workers based on the AfC pay rates.
  • Risk management - focus on managing the risks associated with engaging interim workers e.g. Agency Worker Regulations and stakeholder pensions and a regular audit to ensure compliance with NHS Employers Employment Check Standards.
  • Management Information - available on demand for all customers to detail reported spend.
  • No temp to perm charges - if you comply with the transfer fee rules.
  • Support from the LPP team.


Contract description

The Non-Medical Non-Clinical agreement provides access to temporary staff, interims and contractors in any white collar or blue collar role from the most junior to the most senior, including board level roles across eight lots:

Lot Description
Lot 1 Neutral Vendor Supply
Lot 2 Master Vendor Supply
Lot 3 Admin and Clerical Supply
Lot 4 Corporate Functions Supply
Lot 5 IT Professionals Supply
Lot 6 Legal Supply
Lot 7 Clinical Coding Supply
Lot 8 Ancillary Staff Supply

 Lot 1 – Neutral Vendor Supply

A neutral vendor does not supply temporary workers directly from their own resource pool. They use an approved supply chain to complete the call-off agreement. For the customer receiving the service, the provision is seamless as you contract only with the neutral vendor and not with the supply chain directly.

Lot 2 – Master Vendor Supply

A master vendor takes overall responsibility for providing customers with their temporary worker needs. They will provide temporary workers directly from their own resource pool and may make up any shortfall by managing supplementary supply from an approved sub-contractor supply chain in line with Framework Agreement Schedule 7: Sub-Contractor(s). You contract only with the master vendor, and they are responsible for their supply chain.

Lots 3 to 8

These lots are for the direct award or further competition of temporary workers from agencies awarded a place on the relevant lot according to their ability and competitiveness in supplying temporary workers within the job categories appropriate to each lot.

Lots 1 to 8 allow the supplier to work as both an:

  • Employment Agency that introduces work-seekers to a customer for employment by the customer; and
  • Employment Business that hires work-seekers for supervision by the customer, NOT employment. When people talk about ‘agency workers’ or ‘temps’, they are typically talking about work-seekers who are hired from Employment Businesses.

In all cases, the agreement is aimed at providing temporary resources. It is not designed for recruiting permanent, long-term employees. If you take staff into permanent, long-term employment please be aware that you could be liable for extra fees.


Please see Supporting Information, for full list of appointed suppliers.