LPP's Workforce workstream supports the NHS with all its staffing requirements. We also work with the three NHS procurement hubs as the 'NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership', and together we have built and now manage the National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement.

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement:

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership's National Clinical Staffing framework provides access to temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of clinical roles, including: 

  • Medical and Dental Staff
  • Nursing and Midwifery

  • Other clinical staff, including Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Staff.

The Clinical Staffing framework has three lots:

Lot 1- Employment Business – Under this lot agencies supply temporary workers and pay the worker.

Lot 2 - Employment Agency – Agencies supply either temporary or permanent workers to the trust, but the trust pays the worker, with the agency receiving a commission fee.

Lot 3 - Neutral Vendor- The supplier acts as a neutral party. They do not supply their own staff, but instead manage the supply chain.


CPP also has in place an International Recruitment Framework for Nursing and we can provide support in accessing a compliant framework for Non-Medical Non-Clinical staff.

We can help trusts with workforce management issues including e-working, staff bank and demand management.


Further information on the framework can be found in the user guide, allocated under supporting information.

If you want to supply agency staff to the NHS please see our 'for suppliers' page.
Please note no new suppliers can be added to the agreement and would need to tender when the opportunity becomes available. 

If you have any additional questions, please email

Our People

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Stephanie-Lea Alexander Senior Category Manager - Agency and Temporary Staffing 020 7188 7188 x55301
Tim Smith Senior Procurement Specialist 020 7188 6663