Primary Care

Our workplan is guided by clinical priorities identified in discussions with key primary care stakeholders, and takes into account current local work programmes and priorities in primary care organisations.

After the introduction of the QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) programme, our initial focus was on achieving targeted financial savings. The number of ongoing initiatives and the level of savings achieved is evidenced by the data on our dashboard. The recent introduction of the medicines optimisation agenda places a renewed emphasis on quality, safety, systems, processes and pathway redesign and on optimised patient outcomes as the focus of the QIPP agenda for the future. In response, we have had to rethink how we will deliver QIPP with a much wider focus than costs alone.

As in previous years, we have taken the following into account to help inform the pan-London Medicines Optimisation and QIPP plan for the current year onwards:

  • discussions with key stakeholders through the Primary Care and Secondary care QIPP groups
  • current local work programmes & priorities in Acute & Mental Health Trusts and Primary Care Organisations
  • national work programmes, priorities and recommendations
  • the potential for savings and improving efficiency
  • opportunities for improving quality of patient care and improving safety
  • available clinical evidence.

Our current plan is to:

  • refine the current primary care dashboard, deleting initiatives that are no longer a priority for attention such as those where PCOs are consistently performing well
  • maintain a primary care dashboard containing initiatives within several categories:
    • Financial  – e.g. generic vs branded medicines
    • Quality and Safety – e.g. reducing medication waste, optimising prescribing of antimicrobials, implementation of NPSA safety initiatives
    • Mental Health – taking into account the complexity of mental health prescribing and areas of concern identified by medicines management leads, this workstream's initiatives are designed to provide benefit to both secondary and primary care. The primary care mental health workstream's dashboards encompass quality, safety and financial initiatives. Information to accompany some of the initiatives has been published on the Quality and Productivity Bulletins page. Performance indicators for mental healthcare initiatives in the secondary care dashboard will be agreed during the year. There is also a tool to aid secondary care analysis of FP10HP usage, and an Unlicensed Medicines Use in Mental Health section coming soon.
    • Oral Nutritional Supplements
    • Respiratory
    • Cardiovascular
    • Antimicrobials