LPP Corporate Services and Business Intelligence Teams

The Corporate Services Team manages NHS LPP's day-to-day business, and the operations of the steering board.

The Corporate Services Team is responsible for:


  • supplying required subject matter expertise
  • providing help with sourcing plans and tactics
  • managing the Steering Board and Executive Management Board
  • financial management
  • managing LPP on a day-to-day basis
  • establishing and maintaining all project reporting requirements
  • managing project communications


Our People

Aisha Achha Pharmacy Project Manager 020 7188 6662 aisha.achha@lpp.nhs.uk
Anitha Jain Workstream Procurement Support 02071886706 anithapreeti.raj@gstt.nhs.uk
Cristiane Silva Systems Analyst 020 7188 7188 ext: 86679 cristiane.dasilva@gstt.nhs.uk
Elaine Morris Talent Development Manager 07770 544 291 elaine.morris@lpp.nhs.uk
George Fillery Application Developer Apprentice 020 7188 6680 x56727 george.fillery@lpp.nhs.uk
Graeme Webster System Development & Integration Manager 020 7188 7188 x54076 graeme.webster@lpp.nhs.uk
Hatiq Mohammed Senior Application Developer hatiq.mohammed@gstt.nhs.uk
Joby Jose Advanced Business Analyst 07833 200554 joby.jose@lpp.nhs.uk
Joel Rocha Procurement Specialist 07833200776 joel.rocha@lpp.nhs.uk
Kay Petken HR/Admin Business Manager 0207 188 6662 kay.petken@lpp.nhs.uk
Lee Joseph Commercial Director 07584 618953 lee.joseph@lpp.nhs.uk
Levente Fazekas Business Intelligence Manager 07833200523 levente.fazekas@lpp.nhs.uk
Lorna Jackson-Kennedy Business Support Officer - Commercial Team 07833200316 lorna.jackson-kennedy@lpp.nhs.uk
Michael Pace Managing Director 07761 820806 michael.pace@lpp.nhs.uk
Neil Hung Senior Application Developer 07387 066607 neil.hung@lpp.nhs.uk
Nicola Atack eEnablement Lead 07879 116584 nicola.atack@lpp.nhs.uk
Poe Thant Strategic Analyst (Business Intelligence) 07833156078 poe.thant@lpp.nhs.uk
Remi Banjo Associate Commercial Director 07912356717 remi.banjo@gstt.nhs.uk
Safa Zina Business Support Officer 55306 safa.zina@lpp.nhs.uk
Sue Colbeck Deputy Managing Director 07972 861900 sue.colbeck@lpp.nhs.uk
Titus Anjorin Senior Strategic Analyst 02071886680 titus.anjorin@lpp.nhs.uk
Totti Hyppolite Koudou Senior Strategic Analyst 02071887188 x 54237 totti.koudou@lpp.nhs.uk
Trish Hardy Senior Engagement Manager 020 7188 6656 trish.hardy@lpp.nhs.uk