Patient Transport Services

This framework has been established to allow public sector organisations to award contracts for a range of transport services. These can either be awarded on a per lot basis or can be awarded as a managed service through lot 1. This framework replaces the previous Transport Services Framework (L0019) and the structure of this framework has been amended following feedback from Contracting Authorities and Suppliers. All suppliers appointed to this framework provide comprehensive and innovative transport solutions and proactively assist contracting authorities in their attempts to achieve efficiency savings through improved ways of working without impacting on patient care.

Benefits of the contract

  • Provides a comprehensive transport service which meets all of the contracting authority’s requirements and is OJEU compliant.
  • High quality non-emergency patient transport provision which focuses on delivering patient care and service provision.
  • Improves the value for money, quality, flexibility and sustainability of transport services through the establishment of eligibility criteria with contractual obligations on the contractor to deliver the efficiencies.
  • Contributes to the contracting authority’s ambitions for supporting a low carbon economy by driving efficiencies in vehicle scheduling.
  • Supports the contracting authority in meeting its requirements under the New Fair Deal.
  • Provides a flexible solution in regard to the changes that may affect both the NHS and the wider public sector during the life of the framework.
  • The ability to structure the contract to meet the needs of the contracting authority, either through a block contract, cost per journey basis or open book.

Contract description

The framework has been split into regions and sub lots which allows contracting authorities a choice of how best to approach the market. The framework covers the following services:

  Region 1 –North East  Region 2 – Yorkshire    Region 3 – North West Region 4 – West Midlands  Region 5 – East Midlands   Region  6 – South West  Region 7 – South Central    Region 8 - South East   Region 9 – London  Region 10 – East


Lot 1 – Managed Patient Transport Services (all Lots)

Lot 2 – Call Centre Services

Lot 3 – Patient Transport Services

Lot 4 – Car Services including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)

Lot 5 – High Dependency Unit Vehicles

Lot 6 – Secure Vehicles

Lot 7 – Bariatric Vehicles

Lot 8 – GP2/GP4


Ambulance Transfers Limited E-zec Medical Transport Services Ltd Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd Mobile Medical Cover Ltd Starcross Trading Ltd T/A Bears
Arriva Transport Solutions Ltd G4S Health Services(UK) LTD London Ambulance Service NHS Trust  Patient Transport (UK) Ltd SSG UK Specialist Ambulance Service Ltd
Cabfind Health Consultancy Solutions Ltd. Manchester Medical Services Prometheus Safe and Secure Limited Wallington Cars & Couriers Ltd
DHL Supply Chain Limited  Falck UK Ambulance Service Limited Mealing Taxis Ltd Savoy Ventures Ltd  
ERS Transition Limited HATS Group Limited Medi4 Ambulance Services Ltd St John Ambulance  
Contract Overview
LPP Ref: LPP/2017/013