LEP/LPP Energy Contract

If you attended one of our recent LEP workshops, or if you’ve already signed up to LEP membership, you’ll know that the LEP is developing options for an alternative approach to energy procurement from 2020 to secure better overall value from our energy contracts.

Benefits of the contract

This means trusts do not have to rely solely on contract renewal with their existing provider and will soon have a choice of new routes to market via pan-LEP contracts procured and managed on a collective, PCR compliant basis by the LEP Team for all LEP members – saving you the time, cost and effort of having to do it yourself. 

Amanda de Swarte, Head of LEP, says: “10 years scrutinising contract and supply chain performance shows that procuring what’s on offer as standard from the market doesn’t reduce overall cost and deliver the savings, value for money, sustainability and budget control we want and need.  We must and can buy differently.”  

At LPP we believe that buying regionally as London brings benefits, particularly when it gives us the opportunity to save money where we can and ensure affordability, reduce demand for energy where we can, and address the day-to-day contract and operational issues that consume our time, attention and money unnecessarily. 

To understand the energy options being developed by the LEP, and we strongly recommend that you do, contact Amanda de Swarte direct at LondonEnergyProject@haringey.gov.uk or trish.hardy@lpp.nhs.uk.

The LEP Team are running a number of energy and water related webinars, teleconferences through October and November, these are useful to get the most out of your contract and maximise efficiency gains.  Most significant is the annual Value for Money Conference on 29th November in central London.  If you’re already an LEP member you’ll have received the conference invite and booking form direct from the LEP Team. 

Value for Money Conference on 29th November

  • The conference will focus on the possibilities the Pan-LEP Energy category could open up in the rapidly changing marketplace and the rapidly changing wider public sector environment - our collective opportunity to get what we want.
  • It will also look at LEP’s independent energy price benchmark results and provide a brief update on the Pan-LEP Water contract.
  • Because the conference sessions delve into commercially sensitive contract data, attendance is only available to LEP member organisations – however it’s simple to become a member (ie organisational sign-up to the LEP Access Memorandum) and costs nothing.  Hold 29th November in your diary and contact us ASAP about joining the LEP community and attending this year’s Conference.   

Contract Overview
Start 01-08-18
End 31-12-20
Contract Type Contract
Accessible to All LPP members
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref
Initial Period (Years) 2.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Simon Williams
07557 204898
LPP Ref LPP/2018/012