Audit and Consultancy Audit Framework

The Audit and Consultancy Audit Framework will expire midnight 31st January 2020, with no option to extend. If you are in the process of a mini competition or looking to start a competition under the framework, please note this must be awarded by the 31st January 2020, contracts cannot be awarded after this date. London Procurement Partnership will inform members when the new framework goes live to replace the current one that is expiring.

Benefits of the contract

Auditing is an essential part of the process of accountability for public money and makes an important contribution to the stewardship of public resources and the corporate governance of public services. Audit services have previously been provided through local contracts - this new Audit and Consultancy Audit framework enables LPP members to access audit services through a legally compliant route.

The framework has been awarded by East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub but is open to LPP members as a result of our NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership agreement.

Financial Benefits

We achieve savings by ensuring that:

  • Ceiling rates provided which can be reduced via a further competition.
  • Supplier’s pricing remaining anonymised and confidential to help maintain competitive pressure.


Other Benefits

  • Reduced risk - all providers awarded to the framework conform with Institute Chartered Accountants in England & Wales; Monitor and the Audit Commission requirements; statutory obligations and codes of practice as applicable to external audit, internal audit and counter fraud services for Publicly Funded organisations and Charities.
  • The framework agreement complies with the LAAA (Local Audit Accountability Act 2014) requirements and all providers are accredited by a Recognised Supervisory Body under the Act (ICAEW) to deliver services to non-foundation Trusts, CCG’s and Local Authorities.
  • All providers awarded to the framework have previous demonstrated audit experience of publicly funded entities.
  • Reduction in time taken to procure audit services.
  • During a mini competition weightings of the evaluation critieria can be amended to place a greater emphasis on a particular element of the audit service and better reflect the needs of the contracting authority.
  • The terms and conditions of the framework agreement and call off contracts have been agreed with each framework provider so no further legal dialogue is required.

Contract description

Lot 1 Provision of External Audit Services
Lot 2 Provision of Internal Audit Services
Lot 3 Provision of Counter Fraud Services
Lot 4 Provision of Internal Audit and Counter Fraud services
Lot 5 Provision of Consultancy Audit Services


East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement hub have issued an F20 modification notice through OJEU (modification of a contract during its term) which extended the framework for a further twelve month period so that the contract will now end on the 31/01/2020. Contracting authorities who wish to use the framework to award a call-off contract during this period should read the published modification notice to ensure they are aware of the reasons for the extension and that they are happy to proceed on this basis.


Please refer to User Guide.