Estates Facilities & Professional Services

NHS organisations in London alone spend around £800m a year on estates, facilities and professional services (EF&PS). Private Finance Initiatives account for a further £1bn on spend in this area. The EF&PS work stream at NHS LPP has developed a number of contracts to help members achieve cost and operational efficiencies. We offer consultancy and support by undertaking mini-competitions on behalf of our members. We offer a total of eighteen frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS), developed with insight from our members, covering a broad spectrum of areas including maintenance services (hard facilities and soft facilities management) and transport services covering legal and property advisors, analysis, reconciliation & audit services.

Key Highlights 2018/19

Analysis & Reconciliation Framework - This covers VAT, Accounts Payable, Water, Telecoms, Estates, Temp Labour and Energy and up until Q3 this year our members recovered c. £6.3m contracting on a no win no fee basis.

Apprenticeship Training Providers DPS - Developed at the request of Health Education England this agreement helps trusts to make the best use of their Apprenticeship levy. Since launching in 2017, 50% of London members have awarded contracts, 145 contracts have been awarded overall and c. 7,400 NHS apprentices are now in place. Using the levy translates into £4.2m cost avoidance as at Q3 2018/19, in addition to the valuable upskilling and availability of NHS resource.

London Energy Project Water Agreement - Our estates team has worked in conjunction with the London Energy Project (LEP) to give you free access to a new water agreement designed specifically for the London market following the deregulation of the supply of water. Even though 95% of water prices are still regulated, the value of this contract is in the additional services offered: usage analysis and leak detection, for example, which will help trusts to save money by using less. Early estimates suggest that savings of 5% are achievable for trusts. We now look forward to working with LEP and London’s public sector in developing a pan-London energy agreement.

Coming up in 2019/20

We will continue to work with trusts on an individual basis to identify opportunities to achieve the best value as they look to meet the objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan. Our Transport, Waste and FM services agreements will be central to this. In addition, we have created several Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPSs) rather than frameworks to enable SMEs or incumbents to
continue to provide services locally. Later in the year, we will also be launching a new framework for the off-site Decontamination of Surgical Instrument Packs in response to feedback and requests from our Members.