The Health & Social Care Apps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

The Health & Social Care Apps DPS provides the public sector within the United Kingdom with a compliant route to market for the procurement of condition specific applications.

Benefits of the contract

The NHS LPP Health and Social Care Apps DPS provides the public sector with a way to compliantly procure condition-specific apps to meet health and social care needs; supporting patients, clinicians and non-clinical staff.

The adoption of apps has already been proven to reduce GP visits, prevent costly trips to A&E, lower usage of prescription drugs and to help close the population health inequalities, delivering both direct and indirect savings and benefits.  


Contract description

The DPS currently offers condition specific apps for:

Category 1: Child health;
Category 2: Diabetes and hormones;
Category 3: Heart/blood vessels;
Category 4: Mental health;
Category 5: Pregnancy;
Category 6: Brain/nerves;*
Category 7: Cancer;*
Category 8: Healthy living;*
Category 9: Joints/bone/muscle;*
Category 10: Medicines and clinical reference*
Category 11: COVID-19 Solutions
Category 12: Chest and Lung


Please note that we are adding additional categories to the DPS on a regular basis.



To view a full list of suppliers awarded under each sub-category of the DPS please visit - 


In order to view the full list of suppliers you will be required to register. One registered you will also be able to access information around running a further competition through the DPS as well as template documentation which you are free to use at your discretion. To access the documentation please select an app within the sub-category you are interested in then select the procure now badge.

Please note that suppliers can continue to be added on to a DPS throughout its lifetime.

Therefore should there be a supplier that you would like to invite to further competition but are not presently awarded on to the DPS they can apply to join by registering at - and completing the online selection questionnaire (SQ).

Upon completion of the SQ a supplier will be accepted within 10 working days.**

All apps suppliers wish to supply through the DPS have gone through an ORCHA accreditation process and must maintain an accredited score of 65% or greater.

To find out more around the ORCHA accreditation process please visit -

*Available 10th April 2020

**Unless a new category where a 30 day notice period is required before evaluation of apps takes place.

Contract Overview
Start 29-11-19
End 29-11-21
Contract Type DPS
Accessible to All Public Sector
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref 2019/S222544752
Initial Period (Years) 2.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Steve Dunkerley
07919 001 803
LPP Ref DN435342