Information Management & Technology

To cover all the non-clinical IM&T needs of NHS providers through a multi-lotted framework

Benefits of the contract


We aim to encourage specialist providers to enable our members to access specialist as well as common non-clinical IM&T goods and services.


Contract description

The scope of all Lots may include the supply, installation (including any building or civil engineering works), management, help desk services, customer service portals, maintenance, technical architecture, system design, project management and related professional services associated with the provision of the Services.

Lot 1 – Consultancy, Lot 2 – Network Infrastructure, Lot 3 – Hardware, Lot 4 – Software, Lot 5 – Cybersecurity, Lot 6 - Hosting, Lot 7 – Operational Services, Lot 8 – Interoperability and Interfacing, Lot 9 – IT Managed Service, Complete IM&T Managed Services Provision


Out to tender

Contract Overview
LPP Ref: LPP/2019/006