Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team offers expert analysis support to London Procurement Partnership and London Procurement Partnership's members

Our analysts work closely with NHS LPP category management teams to identify savings opportunities for our members. This work includes complex product substitution and rationalisation analysis, supported by extensive research into evidence which enables the category teams to put opportunities into context. 

Our offering to member trusts includes monthly standardised reports, bespoke reports, and ad-hoc analyses we carry out to answer specific questions our clients may have. LPP BI does procurement analytics for the NHS by the NHS, which means we understand our customers’ needs and share their organisational values.

The team also works to identify and agree baselines with members which facilitate savings tracking. We also collate and analyse supplier management information to track and report on both savings and lost opportunities.

For the pharmacy sector, our analysts work with both primary and secondary care members to provide monthly benchmarking, savings and cost avoidance data.

NHS LPP collects both accounts payable and purchase order data from each of its members and now has a large amount of spend data (in excess of £10bn annually), which is fed into the annual workplanning process.

NHS LPP BI focuses on robust data visualisations, which help users make decisions based on facts, not instinct. Our data is centrally managed, with role-specific data protection and row-level security.

NHS LPP BI provides two kinds of services to members

  1. Spend and opportunity analysis tools, which use a large amount of data that we automatically normalise and publish on our cloud servers – links to these are listed below
  2. Customised business intelligence tools and analysis created specifically for members – projects are performed on a first come first served basis.

As part of their membership trusts can get support from simple presentations or opportunities consulting and analysis to dashboards hosted on our powerful Microsoft Power BI Enterprise cloud.

*You can view the Business Intelligence team’s resources via clicking on Supporting Information, to the right of this page, or see the below table providing a description of each resource.  


Tools we provide for every member: 

Spend and purchase order analysis

every member trust data is normalised and categorised using to create a uniform spend view. Use this portal to analyse spend at your trust and STP or to benchmark prices paid, depending on your trust’s data going back to over 6 years. ( requires 3rd party login, available from NHS LPP)

Medical locums benchmarking tool  NHS LPP is managing the national clinical staffing framework – every month over 300 suppliers are sharing management information data with us. Use this tool to benchmark your organisation’s spend on temporary doctors (requires MyLPP login).
Nursing and AHP usage benchmarking tool Using supplier MI this report is reporting on spend and rates on temporary nursing and scientist staff. Use this report to analyse your organisations spend and opportunities in nursing staff. The payrates are benchmarked on NHSI Afc benchmark rates, which take into consideration the band, job types, shift types, geographic locations and job specialities.
Nursing day Usage benchmarking tool  this tool enables the users to identify periods of times when payrates are escalated – using the tool enables members to plan workforce better and identify savings opportunities in temporary staffing
 Respirators and medical ventilation                This tool uses SCCL and AP data to analyse medical ventilation purchases. Use this to understand the London supply of invasive ventilators and related consumables and services.
Benchmarking estates service  The tool uses regression analysis with clustering to benchmark various estates services given trust size, bed numbers or staff size. Use this tool to identify high level opportunities in your organisation’s estates contracts
Benchmarking transport services This report is using management information data from our contracted suppliers – use this report to benchmark paid costs on mileages and waiting times
Private placement in mental health The report supports mental health trusts in understanding London wide spend with commercial private placement providers