LPP strapline

Our Vision, Objectives and Achievements

Our vision is for highly-skilled NHS procurement teams to pull together for a common goal: to help transform health services.

Through collaboration and best practice, our joint working with our members' procurement teams is integral to driving up quality and performance, and meeting the commercial and clinical needs of the NHS.

Together we aim to drive innovative ways of approaching and stimulating key supply markets, combining volumes, demand management and improving existing deals to secure efficiencies and apply the maximum leverage the NHS can exert.


Our aims are to:

  • maximise the value from our members' total commercial spending through collaborative working
  • use our members' procurement and clinical teams to deliver maximum benefits to the health economy
  • secure partnership arrangements with the wider public sector to secure mutual benefit
  • develop a dynamic and high-performing commercial capability for the NHS
  • create networks that embed stakeholders in the commercial processes. 

Our Achievements

Working together in partnership, our members have saved the NHS more than £1 billion through LPP since 2006. We currently save the NHS more than £2.5m a week.

We achieve this level of savings because of the support and engagement of our members who want to collaborate to secure the best deals and services for patients.

Launched in April 2006, LPP has a track record of delivering a range of projects and services for and with members in a short timescale. Together we have demonstrated the capability to identify, develop and deliver savings opportunities.

As well as savings, LPP has delivered additional benefits including cost avoidance, increased patient safety and innovative treatments.

Examples include ensuring temporary clinical staff come from agencies with the right employment checks in place.

Procurement professionals were involved in redesigning patient pathways in peritoneal dialysis, enabling more services for patients with kidney failure to be provided in a home environment.

Our recent case studies and our Annual Review publication demonstrate just some of the work achieved by and for LPP member trusts.

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LPP conference January 2013 with Sir David Nicholson

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Lord Carter of Coles keynote presentation 2nd March 2015: